Those of you who know Mantissa will know how highly Ben UFO is thought of by us as well as the Hessle Audio label he co-runs.

His weekly radio show on Rinse FM is a must listen for myself...

…where he displays  his love for dub, techno, breakbeat and dubstep. While his recorded live shows are even more spectacular with a constant bombardment of bangers and unexpected changeups. Recent favourites of his include his include his b2b set at 2015 Freerotation with Hessle co-founders Pangaea and Pearson Sound, his 4 hour set at Factory in Osaka and his RA 500 podcast.

However his 2016 set at Bunatee in Belfast is one of this year’s best mixes. This mix perfectly blends many genres from French disco (Toulouse – C’est Toujours Comme Ça L’amour) to South African House (Nozinja – Xihukwani). Particular stand outs include E Myers – Hate with its gorgeous horns and bassline, the drums and strangely catchy sample of Lipelis – Weirdshit Xu Paelk and the quirky synth melody of Chateau Flight – Ongaku. Virtually every song in this set hits the spot and like any other recording, showcase his talents to the fullest.

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