Beautiful Swimmers are a duo from DC with an uncanny likeness to JD Twitch and JG Wilkes from Optimo. Perhaps they are their long lost American cousins. As well as the aesthetic similarities they share with Optimo, they also share a similarly deep catalogue of gems that they call upon in their sets.

The trilogy tapes is a label known for its constant flow of great releases which often go against the grain, making their collaboration with Beautiful Swimmers for this mixtape a match made in heaven. The tunes are beautifully arranged and mixed however not in a forced way. There are a couple of notable tunes from crate diggers, Invisible City Editions (Jivaro – What Next and Rebels – Taboo Jam (Club Mix)) famous for popularising the VO – Mashisa (Dub Mix) and Michael Boothman – Touch.

This mix’s greatness comes in inclusion of unexpected tracks such as hip-house track Yohan Square – Love of Life (Genesis Mix) or Watt Noize – It’s My Life (Max D Edit). It will be cruising along before with a funky house track and suddenly switch into a drum driven bit of afrobeats.

This mix is perfect for any occasion whether it be some chilled Sunday afternoon listening or a Monday pick-me-up to get you going.

Just give it a go,  you won’t regret it…

Follow this link for a full track list.

Untitled A
Untitled B

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