David Kennedy is a prolific electronic music producer who has been at the forefront of UK dance scene soon after his emergence, cementing his place as a personal favourite of the Mantissa family. His original productions are highly creative and intelligent which have been running themes associated to Hessle Audio, a record label which he co-foundered. Under his Pearson Sound moniker, he has recently been digging through the back catalogue of Nervous Records by invitation and has produced a remix (of a remix) to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

His remix typically presents punchy polyrhythmic percussion and eerie vocal snippets very much changing up the feel of the original track, which a remix should do in my opinion. Cascading synths then enter the fray at the breakdown, building anticipation. The juxtaposition of hard beats and rich harmony, which is typical of techno, is shown at its height here. The bassline somewhat harks to jungle with its low sustained bellows. This compliments the complex drum patterns well since it does not force the low end to be “murky” for lack of a better word and feels like there is space in conjunction with the harmony.

This remix is out soon on Nervous Records, cop it if you can!

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