Here at Mantissa we are first and foremost lovers of music as the in house interview recently displayed. The first genre that really drove my passion of music was 90s hip hop. I would purchase second-hand CDs off of Amazon such as Outkast’s Aquemini, UGK’s Ridin Dirty, Nate Dogg’s G Funk Classics Vol. 1 and 2, download them to my 30GB iPod Video and marvel at the great production, as well as the either thought provoking or humorously braggadocios lyrics. Hip hop in this age had such a varied sound with the g-funk sound of the west coast, soulful sound of the south and boom-bap sound of the east coast (prior to later Biggie releases). So when I saw this mix, I thought i’d switch it up from the usual techno/house mixes I have become accustomed to.

Something that NTS do remarkably well giving a platform to as wide a range of genres as possible, taking people out of their comfort zone. This mix has something for people accustomed to the sound of the g-funk era as well as those who are oblivious that it ever existed.

There are plenty of tunes from lesser known artists such as Kam and Mad Kap as well as those that became household names in the music world (Snoop Dogg and 2Pac). It is a real tribute to, in my opinion, the golden era of hip hop with classic releases being produced around the USA. Whether it be the likes of Pete Rock, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang on the East Coast; Outkast, Goodie Mob or UGK in the South or NWA (and all the greats it produced) on the West Coast all the artists had something to offer. Don’t get me wrong there have been many great releases since, but not the same volume within such a short period of time. Even if this kind of music is not for you make sure you catch a glimpse of some of the great videos attached to this article with the classic bouncing low-riders and tales of a day in the hood. They certainly managed to brighten up my day.

Full track list available here:

Here's the mix...


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