[Above image credit: Call Super – Tumblr]

There are few men in this world that get me as excited as Joe Seaton AKA Call Super does and with the consistent string of high quality releases and mixes he has produced this year, it has certainly provided a silver lining to the everyday doom and gloom. Alongside two very strong releases on Houndstooth, Call Super was responsible for arguably the best Dekmantel release of the year with his Nervous Sex Traffic EP. Under aliases Ondo Fudd and Elmo Crumb, Seaton has released more house orientated tracks through The Trilogy Tapes, which are worth checking out.

The Call Super mix from Day 3 of Dekmantel festival is this week’s mix to dig and is a certain contender for mix of the year. His eclectic style is evident from the get go, as he mixes a Grace Jones track straight into Shed with such ease. It’s the sort of mix you put on in the background but end up spending the duration looking for IDs of every tune. A particular highlight for me is the transition from Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend (Original Def Mix) into the beatless euphoria of Digital Justice – Profit (No Till), as this epitomises the final day vibe at any festival, which is captured perfectly in this moment. The way Seaton effortlessly mixes in a gimmicky track such as Detroit Grand Pu Bahs – Sandwiches without it seeming out of place reinforces the fact that he is a selector at the top of the game.

Full track list available here…

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