[Above image credit: Resident Advisor]

Those of you who DJ and/or collect records will likely know the addictive feeling of needing the latest release from one of your favourite artists or paying slightly over the odds for that rare pressing on Discogs. This addiction is something that most collectors share and are unable to control regardless of the amount of money left in their account. I would go as far to say that collecting is in fact a glorified form of hoarding. My latest vice has become collecting Mix CDs, whether they be Fabric (would highly recommend Fabric 45: Omar S -Detroit), DJ Kicks (check out the Moodymann)or lesser known series CDs such as Kern 3: Objekt. This is often the only route of finding high quality mixes from artists who rarely release them, which is especially the case for this week’s Mixes to Dig entry, DJ Harvey.

Many of you would’ve heard of DJ Harvey, however rarely would you have had the opportunity to witness a gig of his within Europe or this country until the very recent past. Exiled to America (Hawaii isn’t a bad place to be holed up) due to visa issues until 4 years ago his popularity has soared again. An audiophile, collector and selector all in the true sense of the word, his sets are a real sonic experience. Like the great Theo Parrish he follows more of an old school mentality, that if the tracks do not mix then stop the last one and stick the next one on. The set is about taking your audience on a journey. Can you mesh something strange and unexpected into your set without clearing the floor? Preferring his Bozak mixer, crossover, 5 band EQ, to the Pioneer and Allen & Heath mixers that are commonplace in DJ booths worldwide it could be said that he has played a large part behind the ongoing rotary revival.

Luckily for all of you, this mix CD has been put on soundcloud saving you a tenner or so. The mix is in Harvey’s usual style, downtempo, letting the tracks play out, keeping a steady pace. His appeal and skill is through his selection and story-telling through the music. However the music played in this mix is very different from what we have come to expect from Harvey over recent years. With a more deep house feel, the sound synonymous with the Ministry of Sound, a club at which Harvey was a resident during the 90s, than his typical Balearic, “cosmic disco” style he still keeps the party going. Starting off slowly he picks up the pace with the classic track, Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep and keeps it bumping from then on. Other standouts include Mondo Grosso – Soufflés H (King Street Club Mix) with its jazzy tones and St Germain – Thank U Mum (4 Everything You Did) for its infectious baseline and spacey vocals. This mix is perfect for a relaxing evening.

If you enjoyed this mix, have a listen to DJ Harvey’s 1998 Essential Mix and Boiler Room for more downtempo, Balearic, disco delights. Be sure to catch a show of his next time he is in the UK, his residency at XOYO was honestly a sight to behold.



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