Making his debut on Ben Gibson’s esteemed London imprint, DYAD, Tomas Kunkel adds his name to an ever growing list of talented Argentinian producers that includes the likes of Jonas Kopp, Pfirter, Alderaan and YYYY.

Lining up alongside Rommek, VSK and STK, the young producer delivers a stunning cut that beautifully combines a stomping kick arrangement with melodic chanting, which dances and flirts with carefully placed chimes. Showing a maturity that is well beyond his age, Kunkel respectfully acknowledges simplicity in the track’s core theme, using playful, frantic percussion in the form of racing hi-hats and crisp claps to form an almost romantic duality.

A well considered piece, guaranteed to inject energy in to the dancefloor, “Altered Chants” steals the limelight on DYAD 007 – high praise indeed given VSK’s stunning contribution, “Echinopsis”. With an ever building catalogue spanning across labels in South America and Europe, Tomas Kunkel looks well poised for a highly anticipated, successful future.

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