[Above image credit: noisey.vice.com]

It was always likely that Dekmantel would pull out all the stops for the 100th podcast. It is a relatively new series that has brought us many great mixes over the past couple of years by the likes of Four Tet (Podcast 33), DJ Stingray (Podcast 59) and Joy Orbison (Podcast 81).

The extremely justified debate about the lack of exposure and recognition for woman DJs, has opened eyes to the likes of Helena Hauff, Avalon Emerson, and The Black Madonna to name a few. Helena Hauff, a techno/electro DJ who’s popularity has rightly soared over the past couple of years, takes the rightful place of this week’s “Mixes to Dig”. She provides us with a relentless electro mix, which is unfortunately too late to make many of the End of Year lists.

The mix, in Helena’s typical style is fast paced from the get go and doesn’t let up at any point. From early tracks such as MMT-8 – Never Been To Bristol to later selections including Electronic Soul – X^2 and Computer Rockers – Computer Shock (Vocal) she manages to keep surprising while keeping within a single genre. Something that few DJs are able to accomplish, and why she was chosen to play the inaugural edition of Dekmantel Selectors Festival. A DJ that is touring non-stop, make sure you catch her next time she is back in the UK to experience her in full flow. For the time being check out this mix as well as one of the highlights of last year’s Sonar festival, her back-to-back with Ben UFO.

Full track list available here…

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