Skee Mask - Shred 08 (Illian Tape)

Arguably the best album of 2016, Skee Mask’s “Shred” exemplified the anonymous producer’s ability to fuse heavy clubbier beats with more ambient styles. From this album, “Shred 08” has to be the pick of the bunch. Intrepid breaks form the backbone of the track, while vast shearing synths create a dark, brooding atmosphere. This release is a further testament to the consistent quality output from Illian Tape, and has firmly placed Skee Mask as a formidable producer in their roster.

Jon K - Dekmantel Podcast 051

Based in Manchester, Jon K has been on the circuit for years and is renowned for his eclectic musical tastes. This shines through in all of his mixes; keeping you on your toes throughout their duration. His mix for Dekmantel earlier this year was no different. Transitioning between tracks like 80s Japanese boogie hit “Town” by Minako Yoshida and the malfunctioning R2D2 jam of MGUN’s “Half Past Three”, showcase the DJ’s ability to flit between playful and more obscure sounds with ease. This mix is proof that Jon K deserves far more recognition than he gets.

Banoffee Pies presents: Palms Trax
@Wilder Studios, Bristol


Banoffee Pies have put on a host of great events in Bristol, however the time they invited Palms Trax down to play was a personal highlight. Wilder Studios served as the perfect venue for the night; tropical plants, a decent sound system and the BYOB policy gave the night a lively and “anything goes” kind of vibe. Palms Trax tore through club favourites such as DJ Nori’s wonky “80s drugs”and Joystick Jay’s Vulgar edit of Fela Kuti, both receiving a rapturous reception from the crowd. The night culminated in a b2b session with the residents, maintaining the same high energy levels right through until closure. Palms Trax and Banoffee Pies were an ideal match, which made for one of the most fun nights I’d had in a long time.

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