[Above image credit: Ian Ramsey – IGRPhoto]

Typically, choosing the mix of the week is a long and arduous task. As it states in the title it is made up of mixes old and new, found by trawling through mixesdb and listening to around 10 mixes a week looking for that special something. This week it was chosen on my Monday, Southern Rail commute within the first hour of a three hour mix.

The Mantissa crew recently had the honour of witnessing a back-to-back between Ben UFO and Craig Richards at the Hydra X Fabric, RA In Residence at Studio Spaces. It was our first experience of seeing Craig Richards play, alongside one of our favourite DJs, and on a night which had set a very high bar up to that point. He did not disappoint, with himself and Ben UFO complimenting each other’s taste and styles flawlessly.

This mix, follows in the style with which he played on the night. Long, smooth, and patient blends between dark techno tracks. An art which is only possible if the DJ knows his tracks from back-to-front, which is something that Craig Richards clearly does. Many of the tracks stand out such as his killer remix of Pedram – LEX, Luca Lozano – Faith, off of the great Super Rhythm Track release, and a typically high standard Donato Dozzy – Destination Eskimo Pt. 1, who seems incapable of producing a bad tune.

This mix was perfect for the cold winter commute over the past week. It is a no frills mix proving that the basics are all that are needed to keep the crowd engaged as long as the selection and mixing are on point. We’re only two weeks in but a mix of such quality, alongside what it represents has to be considered as an early contender for mix of the year.

As usual, full track list available here…

A Few Highlights...

Written by James Glover

Published by Ben Corbett

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