Few are able to pull off a mix made up solely of their productions. It’s a bold statement which requires a lot of self-confidence and the body of work to justify it. Several classic efforts have been produced in the Fabric mix series from the likes of Shackleton, Omar-S and Ricardo Villalobos. However, these DJs/producers were established figures, widely regarded as producing some of the best music available at the time (and to this day).

This week’s entry in the Mixes To Dig series is one which acted as an introduction for many to one of the most talented young producers out there. Through a mix series which refuses to follow the conventions set by the prominent series in the scene, in Blowing Up The Workshop 12, Galcher Lustwerk showcased his productions which refuse to follow the norm or be pigeonholed into a genre. Almost creating his own distinct sound as many of the greatest producers do.

Playing live, this mix flows seamlessly with a set of versatile tracks which you would be happy to hear at any stage of the evening. The mix starts relatively mellow before picking up its intensity with Put On and I Neva Seen. It then takes an ambient detour around half way through with Enterprise and Stem before picking up the pace again towards the end. This is an amazing mix from a series which prides itself on the artistic freedom it provides and quality of its output. Make sure to check out the rest of Blowing Up The Workshop for a mix guaranteed to be weird and great in equal measure.

A few highlights

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

Published by Ben Corbett

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