This week’s instalment of the Mixes to Dig series comes courtesy of Tessela with his In Session mix for Mixmag. Tessela is widely regarded as one of the best producers of heavily bass-influenced techno in the business and with a back catalogue featuring tracks such as Hackney Parrot and Nancy’s Pantry it is easy to see why. Recent pickings from Tessela have been slim with no solo output since 2015, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel as he has recently teamed up with his brother Truss to produce a 6-track EP under their Overmono moniker. With a string of live shows and festival bookings lined up, expect to hear a lot more from these two over the coming year.

The mix itself is a thumping adventure through techno and bass, infused with some more emotive pieces by Mantissa favourites Donato Dozzy and Andrea. Arguably the standout track in the mix is supplied by Corticyte with his track Modulate. Floaty synths, destructive bass and a killer breakbeat make this a fine addition to anyone’s collection.

Full(ish) track list available here…

A few highlights...

Written by Max Wilson

Published by Ben Corbett

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