For years there has been a debate over the value and purpose of the mix CD/cassette. With the emergence of the online mix series and podcasts releasing many high quality mixes each week it is easy to see why.

However, while a DJ may be called upon by many top drawer online mix series, they are only likely to produce an official mix every few years due to the fact they often showcase music within a certain genre, are solely for residents and are becoming evermore rare. In my opinion, this is why the official mix often brings the very best out of those producing them. For example, JR Seaton aka Call Super, Ondo Fudd, Elmo Crumb recorded 28 takes before deciding upon his Fabric 92 mix.


Jambo’s delicious looking stack of Fabric Mixes

Described by Seaton as his take on the later hours of the night, this mix takes you on a weird and wonderful journey through techno, electro and dub, combing tracks old and new. It begins with the eery beatless, The Same River Twice, before moving swiftly into the dark tones of M:I:5 – Masstab 1:5/11. The mix really gets going with Two Full Minds – No Smoke, which is then beautifully mixed into Photek – T’Raenon. However it is not so much a constant ascent, but rather a mix of peaks, troughs and constant changeups, fully appreciated in its full form. It is brilliantly brought to a close with the mix of Walter Brown – Keep On Walkin’ into Yves Tumor – The Feeling When You Walk Away. Before finishing on the dub track Speng Bond – Cutbacks, the right way to end the night.

Like his friend, TJ Hertz aka Objekt, Seaton has the attention to detail that make their productions, buy on sight records, and their sets so mesmerising. This mix is no different and a markedly different addition to the Fabric mix series. A mix that is as quirky, distinctive, and great as everything else Call Super.

Full tracklist below.


A few highlights...



  • 01. Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux – The Same River Twice
  • 02. M:I:5 – Maßtab 1:5/11
  • 03. Jan Jelinek – Tendency
  • 04. Dresvn – Untitled B1
  • 05. Objekt – The Stitch-Up
  • 06. Two Full Minds – No Smoke
  • 07. Photek – T’Raenon
  • 08. Don’t DJ – Pornoire
  • 09. Flanger – Spinner
  • 10. Carl Craig – A Wonderful Life (Epic Mix)
  • 11. Call Super – Acephale I
  • 12. Call Super – Acephale II
  • 13. Marco Bernardi – Demonia
  • 14. Jega – ZX82
  • 15. Shanti Celeste – Strung Up
  • 16. Bitstream – Incubator
  • 17. Bruce – Sweat
  • 18. Convextion – Niche
  • 19. Karen Gwyer – Hippie Fracca
  • 20. Thomas Ankersmit & Valerio Tricoli – Plague #7
  • 21. Walter Brown – Keep On Walkin’
  • 22. Yves Tumor – The Feeling When You Walk Away
  • 23. Max Loderbauer – Giant Hug
  • 24. Speng Bond – Cutbacks

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

Published by Ben Corbett

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