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Omar-S is a producer/DJ who does everything against the grain. An artist like no other, his main interests are known to include street racing, video gaming, and synths to the point where, according to Marcellus Pittman, he is a “synth nerd”. He is an elusive character who is still relatively unknown despite over two decades on the scene.

His sets are unpredictable, and more a case of AOS doing what he wants, rather than what is expected of him – a trait that is often appreciated by those who go to his gigs. While this trait often transfers to his later mixes (a “retro, upbeat and electro” mix for XLR8R and “The first FXHE radio show” for RA500), in my opinion his greatest are his early promos. These are still available via his website on what looks like a CD burned on a home PC, and titled by hand.

The pick of the bunch is FYA Detroit #1, with AOS at his best switching between a range of sounds with ease. It includes classics such as Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight, as well as some lesser known gems such as Mr V – The Loving Memory. As with many Omar-S recordings, there is little easing into the groove as he mixes Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer’s – Timbuktu (Pan African Electro Dub) into the beautiful upbeat house track by Franck Roger, Feelin’ With You. The middle segment has a more relaxed feel with spacier tracks such as John Dahlbäck – Wonder and Materie-Beschleuniger – Bass Is Eternal, being showcased. He then gently increases the intensity towards the end of the mix before ending on the classic Model 500 – No UFO’s. Recorded at Robert Johnson, the mix typifies Omar-S as a DJ. Unpredictable and great in equal measure.

Here’s the mix, and don’t forget to check out the track list below!

A few highlights...
Tracklist [Credit: Mixesdb]
  1. [00] Phuture – Phuture Jacks [Trax – TX 142]
  2. [??] + Opus III – Fine Day (Accappella) [EastWest Records America – 0-96187]
  3. [04] Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer – Timbuktu (Pan African Electro Dub) [Ibadan – TIB 006-DG1]
  4. [10] Franck Roger – Feelin With You [Deeply Rooted House – DRH 001]
  5. [15] Scott Grooves Feat. Roy Ayers – Expansions (Ballistic Brothers Pyramid Bonus Beats) [Soma Quality – SOMA 65]
  6. [17] Mr. V – The Loving Memory [Sole Channel – SCM 001]
  7. [22] Theo Parrish Feat. Jerrald James – Dan Ryan [Sound Signature – SS005]
  8. [??] Tommy Atkins – Mayaglyph (Dub) [Mango Boy – MB003]
  9. [??] Moodymann – The Thief That Stole My Sad Days…Ya Blessin’ Me [KDJ 23]
  10. [33] John Dahlbäck – Wonder [Deeplay – DPLAY 018]
  11. [36] ?
  12. [??] Kit Clayton – Duplicate Address [Cytrax 15]
  13. [??] Oasis #14 [FXHE – OAS-14]
  14. [??] Stasis – Space 1993 [Native – NS2]
  15. [??] ?
  16. [??] Carl Craig – Sandstorms [Planet E – PE65277]
  17. [76] Model 500 – No Ufo’s [Metroplex – M-001]
  18. [??] M. Pittman – Cherry Lee [FXHE – M. Pittman EP]

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

Published by Ben Corbett

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