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Peter O’Grady AKA Joy O has been at the heart of the UK bass/techno scene for as long as I can remember. His early work was a big driving force in my growing interest in electronic music, regularly producing tracks that never fail to hit the spot. Whether it be through solo efforts (Ellipsis and Off Season), or with Boddika (Froth and Severed Seven). His DJing on the other hand takes many forms, refusing to be pigeon-holed purely as a house/techno DJ, a statement that is reinforced through this extremely diverse mix.

The mix opens with a excerpt from from his Uncle, Ray Keith. Describing what he constitutes to be a DJ, rightly titled “Ironic Intro” considering the first half of this mix is made up of unreleased tracks from his “mates”. However unlike with many DJs, all of the unreleased tracks used by Peter add to the mix. There isn’t any filler, purely killer tracks which slowly build the suspense and intensity of the mix, before it begins to peak with the introduction of his track, Cc. Highlights include the mix of Biggin Hill – 3B into Joy O – Off Season as well as the unreleased Pearson Sound into Bruce – I’m Alright Mate.

Joy Orbison slows down for the final half of the mix, playing music perfect for a relaxing evening. A stark contrast to the bass driven, dance floor music experienced in the first half. While the first half could be described as the festival, the second half could be seen as the music for the car journey on the way back. Either way, both halves showcase Joy O at his best, as one of the most talented and thought provoking DJs on the scene.

Be sure to check out the tracks listed below…

A few highlights...
Tracklist [Credit: Mixesdb]
  1. [000] Uncle Ray – Ironic Intro
  2. [001] Marcellis – SDI [Nonplus – Forthcoming]
  3. [004] Yard – White Fog [Youth – Forthcoming]
  4. [007] Plop – Sligo [Unreleased]
  5. [011] Christian S – 241 BPM [Unreleased]
  6. [014] Ploy – Intrigued By The Drum [Unreleased]
  7. [016] Joy Orbison – Fuerza [Hinge Finger – Forthcoming]
  8. [023] Daphni – Vulture [Unreleased]
  9. [026] Sunk Lo – GS Tool [Unreleased]
  10. [029] Barnt – Sixth ZG [Demo]
  11. [033] BØN – E For Eddie [Unreleased]
  12. [036] Sunk Lo – CC [Sunk Lo – Forthcoming]
  13. [042] Tessela – Glisten [Unreleased]
  14. [047] Biggin Hill – 3B [Unreleased]
  15. [050] Joy O – Off Season [Hinge Finger – Forthcoming]
  16. [055] Peder Mannerfelt – Clear Eyes, Full Heart [Hinge Finger – Forthcoming]
  17. [059] Pearson Sound – ? [Unreleased]
  18. [062] Bruce – I’m Alright Mate [Timedance – 006]
  19. [066] Peder Mannerfelt – Cry To Your Soul [Hinge Finger – Forthcoming]
  20. [070] Floating Points – Cupure [Unreleased]
  21. [0??] Auntie Helen – Intro
  22. [0??] 400 Blows – Men Of Divine Wind (The Kamikaze)
  23. [082] Yo La Tengo – Saturday [Matador – OLE 3713]
  24. [086] Reportaz – Fluent
  25. [08?] Lily Greenham – Experience
  26. [091] Arthur Brown – Take A Picture
  27. [094] Lady June – Tunion
  28. [098] Lil’ Louis & The World – The Luv U Wanted
  29. [101] Haruomi Hosono – Wheels On Fire [Monad]
  30. [104] The Rebel – Golden Apples
  31. [106] Joe White – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
  32. [110] Maurice Deebank – Golden Hills
  33. [112] Herron – Juniper Keys
  34. [116] Peter Walker – Me And My Lady

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

Published by Ben Corbett

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