[Rye Wax Nightclub, image credit: Resident Advisor]

Yewande Adeniran aka Ifeoluwa’s debut show on Bristol based Noods radio has long been overdue. She has been doing the rounds in Bristol recently by both Djing out for prestigious nights such as Rough Draft and being heavily involved in teaching in DJ workshops under the same name, Intervention. She has also begun a residency at London based night Spectral, run by Aurora at Rye Wax.

She opens the mix with a lovely ambient/experimental track from the Trilogy Tapes label, before skilfully and quickly moving through the motions to bring you into a much more club inspired mix, with what seems to be a very UK/Bristol sound inspired mix. Each transition is brilliantly managed and really keeps the listener intrigued as to where the mix will go next, moving between some killer house and techno tracks before passing over the reins to her guest Aurora for the last 45 minutes.

Aurora then takes you through some really interesting experimental tracks before delving into a more techno based mix, really showing her DJ skills off with both her selection and transitions. Both DJ’s really show off their talents in this mix and leave you wanting the ID’s for pretty much every track played. A very fitting listen to checking out the kind of style they may take at the next Spectral night in London (6th April, Rye Wax) where you can see them both spinning before giving way to Glasgow based Sofay. Be sure to check it out if you’re in London round then (https://www.facebook.com/events/419970195005749/).


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