Searching for great music is a full time job, so here at Mantissa we thought we’d make it a little bit easier. Mantissa is delighted to have the opportunity to bring you an exclusive premiere of ‘Blast Chiller‘, an exciting new track from the talented south London producer, 95Bones.


Mantissa Premiere: 95Bones – Blast Chiller

Blast Chiller is the title track from the producers latest EP of the same name, released on Presha records on the 10th of April. Unfortunately we can only give you a taste of what this exciting producer has to offer. If you like what you hear, make sure to check out the rest of the EP on the 10th of April and any other fresh releases on Presha records.


The Presha records resident producer, 95Bones, is one of the hardest working and most dedicated producers of the pack. If he isn’t playing his hallmark varied and exciting sets, he is trying to infuse the same energy into his music. Hailing from South London, 95Bones aka Connor McElhinney has found home elsewhere but still retains much of his roots in the music he makes.


Guildford based record label – Presha Records

Blast Chiller EP

95Bones’ 4 track ‘Blast Chiller’ gives any listener a whistle stop tour of dance music that is guaranteed to get people moving. The influence of UKFunky, Grime and sound system culture is evident in his unique blend of UK dance music and harder techno.


Blast Chiller [Presha 001]

The title track of the EP is a slow builder decorated with several ascending synth lines. The track was built around the vocal sample, with syncopated percussion giving a distinctive rhythmic feel. After a lengthy building section the track reaches fever pitch, and descends again, before the final 4/4 section leads the track to a close. The track delivers a high temp beat with both fast paced and soothing levels, and comes with what we feel is an old Swamp81 vibe.

If you liked the the track as much as we did, make sure to check out the remainder of Blast Chiller on the 10th April. Be sure to keep an eye on Presha records and their Soundcloud for new releases in the near future.

Stay tuned for more Mantissa premiere’s…


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