Anything released on Mala’s venerable Deep Medi Musik imprint is definitely worth your time to take a listen. MEDI-26 provides something a little bit different from its output with Mizz Beats taking the helm. The A-side, ‘My World’ opens with a wall of fifths that is interjected by a drone and soulful vocal snippets which hang on a dominant fifth and then fades away, without being resolved. This provides a satisfying release when the drone and the glistening wall of sound that ebbs in the background return, this time in tow with infectious breaks.

A variety of vibrant sounds have their place in this track, each with their role in forming the melody. Expertly written, the melody is reserved in the pitch range so it does not ‘clog’ up the soundscape with the constant drone and background harmony filling up the majority of the space.

Any notions of genre restrictions were abandoned to my ears, which is very telling of the time that this EP was released – a turning point in the electronic music scene in the UK, as I see it. Personally I find music that change the course of the scene, or just happen to influenced by what is currently happening will also produce interesting results. ‘My World’ sounds fresh now, as it did in 2010.

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