[Above image credit: DJ Mag]

While many bemoan the increasingly bleak outlook of London clubbing (debatably), one thing that can’t be argued is the host of talented promoters putting on nights across the country. Among these are Percolate, a group of promoters, putting together lineups full of exciting and diverse DJs. A recent example includes their Oval Space Music x Percolate present NYE event, which was attended by several Mantissa members, receiving rave reviews.

Their latest ambitious event is a two stage day party, in a never before used park near Stratford called Three Mills Island. Going alongside the venue, are a host of DJs who are keen to go against the grain with everything they do, including DJ Koze, Objekt, Saoirse and Scuba. Finally, and most importantly, expect some great food for what is likely to be a summer highlight.

If you haven’t already, take a listen to the following mixes by DJ Koze, Objekt and Saoirse to get you in the mood for an event that adds to what is already looking to be a great summer of music in the capital.

Check out the event here…

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

Here's the mixes...

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