[Above image credit: Simple Symmetry]

In another effort to deliver you with great music, Mantissa sat down with Moscow based Simple Symmetry to talk about their influences, latest EP and what to expect from these guys in the future. Sasha and Sergey, aka Simple Symmetry have been laying down some awesome tracks under Disco Halal, have a listen to this one from their latest EP while you have a read… enjoy!

Hi guys, great to meet you.
The THUMP article title describes
yourselves as disco producers.
Would you say that is strictly true?
And what has influenced your sound?

Sergey: I wouldn’t describe our sound as disco. We never think of any genre while producing music. The main target for us is to make a really strong track that we’d like to listen to. Talking about influences I think it is the music itself from classic music to psychedelic rock, from tribal sounds to techno. You can get inspiration from anywhere.

Simple Symmetry © Petr Prokhorov Press photo 2

[Image credit: Simple Symmetry]

Where did this obsession with aviation
stem from and what influence would
you say it had on your last EP,
the aptly named Plane Goes East?

Sasha: Haha, no obsession with aviation. We’re obsessed with music, with kind and talented people, with beautiful places and beautiful moments in life.

None of the tracks on the EP sound similar,
but not to the detriment of flow
or cohesiveness of the EP itself.
Is this intentional, almost an attempt
to give the listener a range of
musical experiences rather than one?

Sergey: In the beginning we haven’t been thinking of this certain EP, we just produced music. Then we showed a bunch of different tracks to Mosco, he chose two of them and then suggested to do a different version of ‘Plane goes east’. The very first one was the dance version and Mosco wanted us to do a musical, epic version for listening. That took us about two month, but it was worth it.

Simple Symmetry © Petr Prokhorov Press photo 1

[Image Credit: Simple Symmetry]

How did you get involved with Disco Halal
and what is it like being part of a
label that is gaining so much attention
through its recent string of strong releases?

Sergey: Last year we met with Sasha and began to discuss our perspective. Everything looked dull, cause we got several tracks but we didn’t know anybody who would like to release them. We were in a really bad mood. The next day Mosco wrote to us.

He just said: hi guys, I like your stuff, let’s do something together. That’s how it started. Now we’re waiting for the first release. Anyway being part of Disco Halal is very inspirational. It stimulates us to make more music

Are there any artists on the scene that you
really admire what they're doing at the moment?
Either producing or DJing?

Sergey: most signings from Multi Culti, Disco Halal

Sasha: 3 names with uniq sound which I totally support and respect – Pachanga Boys, Red Axes, Manfredas. 

What are your future plans?
More touring? More music? 

Sergey: More producing, more releases, more touring.

Thanks a lot guys.

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