[Above image credit: Stamp the Wax]

When attempting to convince several members of Mantissa to listen to this mix, I was only able to describe it as “seriously sick”. As described in greater detail later on, it is rare that a mix is able to keep a listener as engaged, and with a smile on their face as this one was able to with myself.

As one of many quality residents on NTS, Jon Rust produces on of the most diverse and unpredictable radio shows each fortnight. In this show he goes back-to-back with DJ Slyngshot for its entirety playing boogie, leftfield and hardcore, with few tracks that I recognised. The result is one of the most entertaining mixes i’ve heard this year, with the flow producing a sense of anticipation for the next track.

Highlights in this mix, stem from both the mixing and tracks themselves making it one to appreciate in full. Many of the records are 99p on discogs, proving the worth of going for a dig in a second-hand record shop once in a while. Have a listen to a few stand-out tracks below, including a pitched down version of Wishdokta & Eternal Bass – Reach Out, or listen to the mix in full to appreciate them in full.

Be sure to check out some of the highlights we’ve listed below, otherwise here’s a full tracklist…

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover


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