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The term selector in DJing terms is becoming increasingly ambiguous and subjective, with every person you ask likely to give a different answer. In my opinion, few merit association with this term more than Jon K; a DJ who combines a wealth of music knowledge with mixing technique, in order to present his varied range of music in an engaging form. Rather than obsess over genres and classification of music, a Jon K mix or set is likely to contain something for everyone, with an ethos of “if it sounds good play it when the time is right”.

There are many spectacular tracks on offer in his Dimensions Festival set from 2015, and as you would expect, many blanks in the tracklist. However what is more apparent after giving a few of his podcasts or sets a listen is that few DJs share the mixing ability and unpredictability of Jon. There is no set mixing pattern between tracks, instead each track is treated uniquely and the method to transition to the next changed to suit, showing the expert skill.

The set is well paced, flowing between tracks with ease. Among the highlights is Donna Summer – Spring Affair, a track sampled on Hubie Davison – Sanctified, the transition between The Maghreban – Now Easy and Fit Siegel – Carmine, and finally the unidentified track 4 minutes in. This mix is a testament to the notion that not all tracks must be quantifiable in order to transition between them. There is a lot more to a set such as the flow, spontaneity and ability to read the crowd.

Make sure to check out Jon’s Reel Torque Cassette and Peking Spring radio show for music suitable both on and off the floor.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

Tracklist [Credit: Mixesdb]
  1. Salma Agha – Come Closer [Nascente – NSFUNK003]
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. Carlos Peron – Breaking In (Instrumental) [Dark Entries – DE-092]
  7. Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell – Like A Hawk (DB Version) [Optimo – OM 026]
  8. ?
  9. Dro Carey – Movable Fortress [Templar Sound – TS005]
  10. ?
  11. Christian S. – Jagos [Cómeme – 006]
  12. The Maghreban – Now Easy [Zoot – ZEP009]
  13. Fit Siegel – Carmine [Fit – 012]
  14. Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici With Alexander Robotnick – Love Supreme (ID Version)
  15. Gaucho – Dance Forever (D.J. Version) [System Music – SM 23584]
  16. ?
  17. ?
  18. Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits
  19. Donna Summer – Spring Affair
  20. Brassfoot – After Darkness [Unknown To The Unknown – UTTU056]
  21. Hanson – Tonight (Love Will Make It Right) (Dub) [Fresh – FRE 001]
  22. Innerzone Orchestra – Manufactured Memories
  23. Capracara & JTC – Reggie, Don’t Panic [One Day Wonder – ONEDAY003]
  24. ?
  25. ?
  26. Angelo Tinsley – Get Down With Me [Légère – LEGO 061]
  27. Jackie Mittoo – Wall Street

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