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This week’s Mix To Dig is brought two very talented DJs on the rise, Peach and Sybil. Keeping track of all the good music and DJs is a near impossible task made a slightly easier by the host of Facebook groups, YouTube and online radio stations (and record shops when not sat at the desk of a 9 to 5 – shouts to DnR). However in reality you could spend all days trawling through these different mediums and just brush the surface.

Hearing Sybil’s contribution to the Soft Drinks mix series (check out the rest of the series for a host of other quality mixes), led to listens of SIREN mixes, of which the following mix was my favourite. Joined by Peach for the middle segment and half an hour of b2b towards the end, the mix flows seamlessly through breakbeat, techno, and rave. Standout moments from the set include several Brothers From Different Mothers records as well as the transition between Varg’s beautifully spacey – Heroine II (Cry For You) and acid house track Beatsurfer – Breakin’ Out 1.

With this release these two DJs join my ever-growing list of must listen podcasts/radio shows. It is a mix that shares the energy of a live show, most likely due to the fun being had by both DJs in the studio – as noted from the intermittent voice overs. Make sure you check out the mix as well as others by both Peach and Sybil to experience techno presented in both a skilled and fun way.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

Mantissa Highlights:

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