[above image credit: Aimee Gratton]

Vancouver is a city producing a slew of high quality music. Music from labels such as 1080p to Mood Hut are mainstays in record bags, and artists such as the Pender Street Steppers, Flørist and Yu Su are ever-present on festival lineups. All of this being despite recent lockout laws similar to those imposed in Sydney.

This week’s Mixes To Dig comes from D.Tiffany, a Vancouver artist with a handful of superb releases including her 1080p cassette. D.Tiffany’s latest release on D.DEE’s, Pacific Rhythm is a versatile EP with deep house tracks such as blue dream and the wonderfully quirky How RU Plush, and breakbeat banger and Get Back To You Soon.

This live set showcases D.Tiffany’s wide range of house orientated tracks in full flow. Transitions are long and patient, often cutting the squelchy kick drum synonymous with her tracks for minutes at a time, producing a mix which is perfect for easy listening. A highlight is the mood change around the 46 mark as D.Tiffany drops a brooding track and picks up the intensity slightly towards the end of the set. Give the mix a listen for numerous quality tracks from one of Vancouver’s many stand-out artists.

Written by: James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

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