[Above image credit: Crack Magazine]

Few festivals share the same aura or popularity amongst it’s acts and attendants as Freerotation. Every year a few choice sets are uploaded with those unable to get tickets looking on enviably at what they missed. This year was no different with sets from Leif, rRoxymore and Objekt emerging as proof that DJs and live acts still save their best for Freerotation.

Despite the quality of the above sets this week’s Mixes To Dig comes from a regular of the series, David Moufang aka Move D. A recent trip to the ICA to watch If I Think Of Germany In The Night confirmed David to be a fun-loving guy who thinks of music in an in-depth way that few people could fathom. Both of these being traits that are often conveyed through his exciting curveball filled sets.

Few DJs share the selection abilities as Move D, always tending to select the right track for the moment. The set opens with 20 minutes of obscure selections before moving into his favoured selection of deep house cuts. He then builds the mood perfectly before dropping Tommosini – Another Dimension, a track which receives rapturous applause from the crowd and a solitary shout of ‘David’. He then takes it down a notch before ramping it up towards the end of the set with several ‘hands in the air’ tracks such as Dimitri From Paris’s remix of Lost In Music, and Minority Band – Live. A Move D set guarantees broad smiles and non-stop dancing across the floor, few can do it like he can.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

Tracklist [Credit: mixesdb]
  1. ?
  2. The Rolling Stones – 2000 Light Years From Home [Decca]
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. DJ Nature – Loving U More [Futureboogie]
  6. Art Alfie – Flaunting [KRLVK9]
  7. 7 Citizens – Muse (Fluff Mix) [Pusic – PSC 034]
  8. Patrick Pulsinger – City Lights (Part 2) [Disko B – DB 142]
  9. Steven J – Souljay [Pusic Records]
  10. Tommosini – Another Dimension [Unreleased]
  11. Olav Brekke Mathisen – Take To The Sky [Beatservice – BS034CD]
  12. Ursula Rucker – Release [Studio !K7]
  13. Alma Negra – Endless Summer [Heist – 024]
  14. Philip Budny – Revaler [Lionoil Industries]
  15. Sandmann & Riverside Feat. Jeremy Ellis – Into Your Story (Kai Alcé Distinctive Remix) [FFWD]
  16. Ozel AB – Positronic Dreams [Workshop]
  17. ?
  18. Scott Grooves – Finished [Natural Midi]
  19. Q-Burns Abstract Message – Mess Of Afros (Glenn Underground Remix) [SSR Records]
  20. Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (Dimitri From Paris Remix) [Rhino Records]
  21. Minority Band – Live [Peoples Potential Unlimited]

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