[Above image credit: Rhythm Travels]

Hamburg based Phuong-Dan is a veteran of the DJing world, having spent over a decade as a resident and host at the legendary Golden Pudel Club. His expansive and eclectic taste can always be heard in his sets as he moves between tunes and genres with ease.

Phuong-Dan shows off his talents in this weeks mix to dig as we bring you his set from Dekmantel Festival earlier this year. He starts the set off brilliantly with a currently unidentified chugging track that has distinctive wolf howls and sets the tone for the rest of the set. As the set progresses, Phuong-Dan keeps the pace going whilst effortlessly moving through genres and bringing in tracks with wonderful spacey synths; creating a fantastic euphoric atmosphere for all the dancers. Around an hour into the set, Phuong-Dan expertly changes the pace for the last 10 minutes, bringing in some wonderful more chilled and funky tracks, guaranteed to have left all the dancers with a smile on their face and wanting more.


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