[Above image credit: Resident Advisor]

Powder aka Moko Shibata is a producer/DJ who has gained a large cult following in a very short space of time. Her honest and in-depth ‘Breaking Through’ Feature on Resident Advisor highlighted her dual existence. This existence being one that many others in the same music scene can relate to,with the music providing her with a way to “exorcise her daily demons” from the “bland office building where her day is consumed”.

In my opinion, this dual existence is something that Powder expresses through both her productions and work as a DJ. Tracks with spacey synths and drowsy melodies, are commonplace throughout her mixes for Wichelroede, Beats In Space, and in this case, her mix for Crack. Moko’s ability to build the mood from ambient (Planetary Assault Systems – Long Lost) to deep house (Cloudface – Baby J), with some techno (Edward – Etern) dropped in for good measure, is unparalleled and effortless. Her decision to often let a track play out before starting another is also refreshing; favouring a change in mood and direction for the mix’s final few tracks. This technique is even more prevalent on her side of a brilliant cassette shared with Cloudface for Wichelroede.

Having set the bar so high for herself, Powder is an artist we can’t wait to hear more music from, and see tour more often, over the coming months and years.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

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