[Above image credit: Andreas Baumecker]

Among the evergrowing list of talented and versatile Panorama Bar residents is Andreas Baumecker AKA nd_baumecker. The first, and only, time Mantissa have witnessed an nd_baumecker set was when he opened at Phonox prior to Marcellus Pittman. Expecting to be eased gradually into the evening, we were instead greeted with 3 hours of break-neck speed techno as he gave the set of the evening. In this mix, Andreas surprises his listeners again as he produces a mix that, in terms of it’s pacing and vibe, could not be further from the set we witnessed that evening.

C – 90 9 2017 begins with an opening 20 minutes of ambient music before transitioning into several of the tracks highlighted below through long and patient blends. The mix stays at a similar pace throughout, with Andreas opting for the subtle bassline and R&B vocals of Joy O’s Rite Ov, dark tribal tones of General Ludd’s What, and perhaps the best track of the mix, the weird and twisted Von Gipfel Zu Gipfel, juxtaposed to the curveballs and bouncy house ‘bangers’ that you would expect to encounter in his sets.

While being very different to his set at Phonox, the same could be said when comparing this mix to Andreas’s relatively small collection of recordings; from the full 4 hours of an opening set at Panorama Bar, titled ‘Saturday Night Live’, to his cheesy and classic house filled set in Glastonbury’s NYC Downlow. While there is no denying that those two sets are more fun and club-friendly, this mix provides evidence of Andreas’s eclectic tastes and near encyclopedic knowledge of house, techno and ambient music, both old and new.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover



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