[Above image credit: Site-Club]

Every fan of underground music has their go-to mixes. This may be because the mix acts as a reminder of why you first got into dance music (Loefah’s set at Dimensions 2013), or it allows you to relive a set from an amazing night out (Head High at RA In Residence, Studio Spaces), or it could simply be the fact that you enjoy the selections and the way they are put together. Whatever the reason, mixes you listen to on a regular basis tend to have one thing in common: versatility. This is definitely the case with this set, recorded on a star studded evening at Concrete (Objekt, Saoirse and Convextion were also lined up to play).

Among the ever-growing and well respected group of DJs hailing from Uruguay, Lutz is famed for his record collection filled with rare and groovy tracks. His popularity has soared in Europe and the UK in particular over the past couple of years, with this mix providing evidence as to why. The old cliché of the DJ taking their audience on a journey could not be more appropriate when referring to this mix, which is paced and mixed to perfection. While several tracks stand out (see below) all are stunning in their own right and flow together perfectly. This mix, filled with breaks played at 33rpm and grooving tech house is definitely best appreciated by listening from start to finish.

Nicolas Lutz is next in the UK on the 21st October at Fabric’s 18th Birthday.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover


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