Witch Doctor is the closing tune of Crazy P’s latest album, Walk Dance Talk and Sing, and it’s one of those songs which is almost impossible to place in a specific genre.

The track builds on the same loop, a sample of the bass guitar from True Believers by Level 42, which is repeated throughout and layered with, energetic high hats and percussions, kettlebells, funky guitar riffs and a progressive House bassline with hints of Acid. All of this is accompanied by Danielle Moore’s stunning voice.

Unlike many other electronic and house acts Crazy P, who play most of their sets live, don’t just use samples in their songs, but bring through lyrics that, in parallel with the melody, tell a story.

Witch Doctor provides an undeniably uplifting introduction – it would be hard to hold back a smile while you move to this – but eventually, layer by layer, the mood progresses and Crazy P take you to a more complex place, as a melancholic piano kicks in alongside lyrics lamenting a tough relationship.

This song is a production masterclass, the kind to evoke rapture in a club, or a warm ambience from the sofa. We recommend listening to the studio version, but also the live instrumental which closes their Boiler Room in Bali.

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