[Above image credit: Tailored Communication]

This week’s ‘Mix To Dig’ takes us back to 2010. Brought to you by Ben UFO AKA Ben Thompson, this mix acts as a reminder of his broad music tastes. Having gained his reputation through playing and introducing listeners to left of field music as a DJ, and jointly running Hessle Audio, this collaboration with The Trilogy Tapes, a label known for producing the unexpected, seems particularly fitting.

Both sides of the tape provide the listener with a different experience. The A-side, similar to what we have come to expect from Ben’s house and techno filled sets, and the B-side a reminder of the Ben UFO of old with garage, grime and dubstep at the forefront. Highlights on the B-side, include SAS Feat. *Leee* John – Keep On Reaching (Steve Gurley Remix), Ruff Sqwad – Pied Piper (Eskobar Vocal), Loefah – System: all classics that take the listener back.

This mix for the Trilogy Tapes, along with his mix for Blowing Up The Workshop, act as proof that few DJs share the same mixing ability and musical knowledge as Thompson. For more of a similar vein to the tape’s B-side, have a listen to Thompson’s mix CD for Rinse FM.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover


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