[Above image credit: Hyponik]

Actress needs no introduction. As a producer he is constantly redefining electronic music genres and their boundaries. With Credit Da Edit, he takes glitchy IDM and gives it a healthy dose of that laid back West Coast hip-hop feel.

Hazy heaviness opens the track, with warm and colourful synths whirling over a sluggish beat. The presence of it provides the beat with a direction to head in. Without it the syncopated and irregular beats would be somewhat tricky to make sense of.

After this, a heavily edited rap comes in, with a straight rhythm which satisfyingly balances with what the rest of the piece. After listening to the track from which the vocal was taken it was surprising to see Archie Eversole – We Ready Featuring Bubba Sparxxx to be manipulated in this way. I didn’t expect this to be the source, and as such makes me appreciate Credit Da Edit that much more.

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