[Above Image Credit: FACT Magazine]

After many years, Joe remains a mysterious figure in an underground scene full of big faces. Having produced several Hessle Audio classics such as claptrap and slope, Joe has reemerged with one of the year’s best EPs containing Tail Lift and the previously unknown track from Joy O’s Essential Mix, MPH.

One thing that is clear from both Joe’s productions and mixes is his attention to detail. In this mix for the ever-consistent Truants Blog, his ability to stitch tracks together, regardless of their genre, is evident throughout. The perfect example of this being the track that leads into Mark Seven – The Fatal Flaw In Disco (U-4-ria) around the hour mark, as the vocal sample of the aforementioned track sits perfectly in key amongst the luscious chords of ‘The Fatal Flaw’.

As you would expect from Joe, no track is simplistic or straight forward. Whether it be disco, house or techno, every track offers something different to the norm, and everything flows together perfectly as Joe makes moves between genres. After building tension over the final 25 minutes, the mix reaches it’s peak with Errorsmith – Superlative Fatigue, it’s penultimate track which is both brilliant and ridiculous in equal measure. Joe’s selection is spot on throughout, but no more so than with his last track, which provides a much needed respite and gently eases the listener out of the mix.

Joe is next in London alongside Flørist at Ormside Projects on 17th November.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

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