Patrick Holland, better known under his Project Pablo alias, is a producer that is fast establishing himself as one of the leading names in the Canadian chilled-out house scene, a scene that has been pushed to international prominence by hugely successful labels such as Mood Hut and Pacific Rhythm.

This influence can clearly be heard in Project Pablo’s work. His earlier releases in particular, such as the ‘I want to Believe’ EP, bear all the wistful hallmarks of the contemporary Vancouver sound, whilst his two-track release on his own record label, Sounds of Beaubien Ouest (co-founded with Seb Cowan), ‘Beaubien Dream’, is the pinnacle of laid-back listening.

Since moving to Montreal, Project Pablo’s releases have taken on a sharper and more clinical edge. This is no better expressed than in his most recent release, ‘Is It Dry?’, which provides a clear shift from the soothing ambience that his earlier work has been based around, to a more robust and determined party starter. This is not to say that it lacks resemblance to his previous sounds, with looping warm synths still playing a fundamental part of the track.

Whilst not demonstrating quite the same level of dreaminess or nostalgia that might have been expected from Project Pablo over the last few years, ‘Is It Dry?’ shows a clear progression to an entirely new sound which relies on the momentum of its solid bassline in a way that is entirely new for this artist. The result is incredible.


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