[Above image credit: Resident Advisor]

There are few DJs that can consistently promise quality. Whether it be in mix form or in the club, the listener is guaranteed a treat from Call Super AKA Elmo Crumb AKA Ondo Fudd AKA Joe Seaton. Volumes of the Truants series have taken over on Mixes To Dig in recent weeks but we cannot resist just one more.
Seaton is a DJ that keeps the listener’s attention through daring track selection and sublime mixing, as is the case in this mix, and was most definitely an apt description as he opened Room 2 of Hessle Audio’s 10th birthday Bussey Building takeover alongside Objekt with an hour of drum & bass. The mix shows all sides of Call Super; the weird and wonky at the beginning with tracks by the likes of Burnt Friedman and Schacke, his more light hearted side during the middle section with Smokin’ Cheeba – When I Was A Youth, and slower ambient sounds at the end as he eases the listener out of the mix.
The thought put into song selection and precision mixing is exactly what we have come to expect from an artist as impressive as Seaton, an ever-consistent artist at the top of his game.


Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover




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