[Photo Credit: Guestlist]

Donato Dozzy aka Donato Scaramuzzi is a rare breed. While many in the scene would claim to be a producer who can DJ, Scaramuzzi is an artist who is as excellent DJ as he is a producer. As a producer, Dozzy as comfortable creating ambient music such as on his Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask album, techno such as the stunning Cassandra, and house with his most recent release, Afterhouse 01. When performing he is as comfortable playing techno, in either a live or DJ set form, house music such as in his hybrid set at Goa Club, and in the case of this recording of his closing set at Terraforma 2017, a mixture of downtempo, IDM and techno.

As is a common trait in all his sets, Dozzy eases the listener in as he slowly builds the mood. However this set provides a stark contrast to his ambient set from the same festival released several months ago. Dozzy opens this set with darker and deeper sounds played at around 120 bpm to create an eerie, yet relaxing atmosphere. Around the 40 minute mark Scaramuzzi increases the intensity as he transitions into drum & bass with the likes of dBridge – Decayed. The final third of the set features more experimental sounds such as Zerkalo – Invisible and the closer, Homemade Weapons – Third Rail.

With this mix, Donato Dozzy shows another side of his extremely diverse musical repitoire and produces one of the mixes of the year in the process.

Written by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover


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