[Above image credit: Pinterest]

Colleen Cosmo Murphy, American radio broadcaster and club DJ, supplies a lively boiler room debut in one of 3 mixes orchestrated to pay homage to the Paradise Garage 1987 closing party. Boiler room unearthed untapped and unseen CCTV footage from the NYC legendary closing party, giving us an insight into one of the great disco symbols of the era – one I’m sure doesn’t do it justice. DJ Harvey takes us back by creating the soundtrack for the video with records from his private collection, pretty much a must see.

As a mark of respect for Paradise Garage’s mythic reputation Boiler room held their own penultimate closing party in November 2017 at London’s Village Underground, where Colleen Cosmo Murphy, Nick the Record and Jamie 3:26 all paid their respects.


In a mix that starts strong and gives the songs time, it’s perfect for anytime of day…


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