Broadcasting daily from Netil Market, East London, Netil Radio is fast becoming one of the most popular radio stations in London. Aimed at broadcasting shows that celebrate East London culture and those who contribute to it, Netil has a wide variety of different shows that are all as equally appealing as the last! Founded by Mick Wallace, and run as a team with Tobias George, Chris Thiele, Flora Lait, Pete Nicholson and Miro Sundaymusiq, we were lucky enough to speak to some of the guys and ask them a few questions.

Hey guys, great to speak to you! So can you talk us through the story of Netil Radio so far from its inception to where it is now?

Mick set the station up in December 2016 – it was originally running out of an empty studio in Netil House. It was literally the barest bones of a set up; all the equipment had been begged stolen or borrowed! We officially launched, however, back in May of last year when we made the move to our current home – Netil Market. In the space of half a year we have gone from programming two days a week to full seven-day schedule; it’s all happened much faster than any of us were expecting to say in the least. It’s been a bumpy ride so far but we’ve been loving every minute of it.

Djing Netil

[On the decks at Netil – photo credit: Netil Radio]

Why did you guys choose to set up a Radio station and what is each of your roles?


Genuinely just because it just seemed like the right thing to do – between us we have a huge network of incredibly gifted creative folk and we wanted to develop a platform for them to showcase their talents!

Mick is the Founder and Director of the company, Miro and Tobias look after the scheduling and the general creative gist of the station, Chris & Pete handle all things technical and Flora is in charge of our marketing. We’re incredibly fortunate to have such a good team behind the station, we all compliment each other perfectly.

Do any of you have your own shows on Netil and if so what do you try to do on each of your shows? And if not, why not?

Yeah we all have our own shows currently – apart from Mick (though we’ve been twisting his arm to get one done – it’s gonna happen sometime). Chris, Toby and Flora run a weekly show called The Space Broadcast which is multi-genre mixtape that mainly focuses on ambient, classical and experimental soundscapes. Miro hosts Morning Transition every Sunday morning, which does exactly what it says on the tin – chilled music for weary heads to welcome you into the day. Flora also hosts the Bedroom Disco show, alongside her mate Mouse, every other Saturday where she showcases all her dusty wax treasures!

What’s it like being based in a Market-place and how would you say that affects your programming?

It’s an amazing space to be part of and there’s a real sense of community amongst the traders in the market – they are a truly lovely bunch of people and have been incredibly welcoming so far. We do try to make sure that the music is relatively family-friendly on Saturdays when the market is running; it would be a bit incongruous to be forking out slamming four to the floor when there are people about walking their dogs and the like!

What are both your short and long terms plans for Netil?

Just to carry on putting out good radio!

Are there any East London based DJ’s/producers/collectives you think we should all be looking out for in terms of nights and events being put on?

There are a huge number of people worth mentioning so we’ve made a handy list for you guys J Disclaimer: this is not remotely exhaustive and apologies for anyone we may have missed!

Snap, Crackle & Pop

Secret Ingredient
Lucid Stannard
No Blank Decks
Jade & Aries
Joshua Mooney
Let’s Go Swimming
New Business
Moody Food
Gigi FM
Sounds Floating Around
Hackney Dub Club
Dave Goulding
Gone Troppo
Club Brother
Physical Education
Sassy Wylie
Social Joy
Bustin’ Loose
Canan Bathur
Bokhari Records
Chairman Kaito
Miro Sundaymusiq
Liv Ayers
It’s Lit
Bedroom Disco
Inhabit w/ Ash
Sam Don
Jaye Ward
Heather Wall
Burnin’ Music
Highway 2 Heatbreak
Slug Club
Gone Troppo
Onur Safak
Some of you DJ, although not often together, and you’ve been kind enough to put a mix together for us. Which of you DJ and which of you have put this mix together for us? Could you tell us some more about it? Like some of the records you’ve put in it and the vibe you were going for?

Everyone involved with the station DJs – Toby stepped up to the plates to put this one together. He had this to say about the mix.

“I picked out the tracks for this one on the train from Euston up to Manchester. It’s a journey I make regularly for work and I was taking in the scenery as the route wound its way up north. There was a low fog hanging over the ground as the train made its way through the midlands, lit from above by the morning sun. It is quite a strange vantage point to have – to be gliding above the countryside in such a manner, a sensation both unnatural yet familiar. This was what I had in mind as I chose the music I would play in this mix.”

Cheers guys it’s been great chatting to you!

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