Few electronic music publications have had as profound an effect on the scene as Little White Earbuds. Across the course of its existence it released challenging interviews, in-depth reviews and exemplary podcasts with many of its former writers continuing to shape the electronic music scene at Resident Advisor. The list of LWE Editor-in-chief, Steve Mizek’s favourite articles and podcasts (that this podcast is amongst) is a must for any music lover if you get a chance.

Often, music can sound dated a year or two after its release. Encapsulating a sound that was popular in a particular era of dance music as a trend is set and copied – making it tiresome or difficult to listen to in the format of a podcast years later. However this could not be further from the truth with this mix from Tama Sumo which is filled with timeless house and disco music.

Although many of the best DJs on the circuit share a great taste in music, great track selection, i.e. selecting the right track at a particular moment is a much rarer trait. Few exemplify this ability as well as Tama Sumo with the perfect example of this being the introduction of Dee D. Jackson’s Automatic Lover in the latter half of the mix – a track which could sound out of place or cheesey if poorly timed. However in this instance it is a welcome change in direction, and takes the mix to the next level. On LWE Podcast 05, Tama Sumo combines perfect track selection with tight, daring mixing, making for brilliant results.

Written By: James Acquaye Nortey-Glover

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