Tune of the Week: Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush

[Above image Credit: Jon Hopkins]

There are seldom few electronic producers whose music is so unique and distinct that it is instantly identifiable. The very nature of electronic music means that it can be reproduced and mimicked with relative ease, often to the point of exasperation for the listening audience. It is uncommon for an electronic artist to include elements in their work to make it distinguishable from the countless other records being released, such as their own voice, for example.

This is, of course, with some fairly notable exceptions. A few examples spring to mind: Mount Kimbie (both pre- and post-collaboration with King Krule), DJ Koze and Nils Frahm are the first names on the list that have developed their own signature approach – making them unlike anything else around.

Jon Hopkins also falls into this category. Whilst his releases prior to 2013’s ‘Immunity’ had toyed with the concept of fusing his classical pianist training with electronic music, it was this most recent full-length release on which he appeared to settle. Tracks like ‘Open Eye Signal’ and ‘Collider’ could not have been produced by anyone else.

Thankfully, it seems that Hopkins’ upcoming album, ‘Singularity’, is set to continue in much the same vein. The first record to be released is ‘Emerald Rush’, a high intensity record that picks up where ‘Immunity’ left. It is intelligent and listenable; perfect for anything from armchair to dance floor.


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