Ahead of our next party at the White Hart we decided to catch up with our guest on the evening, DJ Soda-Stream. We have been following his career for a while, and as well as being founder of the Soft Drinks series, he is an incredibly talented Producer and DJ with a brilliant selection. Here is a little look inside his bag and some of the tracks he is digging at the moment!


Hodge & Randomer – Slipping (Kowton Remix)

Ben UFO played this late at the fabric birthday last year and it was probably because I’d been in the club too long but I felt as though I was in a kind of tribal dance circle and that the music would only continue if we all kept dancing. I’m forever trying to recreate that moment I think, at least for myself.


Agrippa – Mygraine Urgraine

Agrippa is probably the new artist that I’m most excited about at the moment, this track should show why, and there’s lots more to come from him this year so keep a look out!


Marco Shuttle – The Vox Attitude (Joey Anderson’s Baby Touch Me Remix)

I’ve been trying to find this record for a good price for so long now and I finally managed it last week. Since then I’ve just been replaying it at home and just remembering how great it is.


Mickey Pearce – Softly Softly

This kind of UK swamp stuff is the kind of thing I first started listening to when I was getting into clubbing, and a lot of it hasn’t aged well at all but I think this one definitely has, really cool set opener too.


Elastic Reality – Cassa De X (Dubfire’s Deep Vocal Mix)

I’ve been going through a lot of the old ballroom labels from the 90s trying to find some cheap gems and have recently come up with this. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s by Dubfire, this one takes all the elements of classic New York house and fuses it with the minimal stuff he ended up making 10 years later. On a side note I found out that he’s a member of Deep Dish which was a surprise too.


Helm – Olympic Mess (Beatrice Dillon Remix)

This one from Beatrice Dillon is the perfect track for when the set has reached a plateau and you want to take a breather whilst keeping the option to mix something in to take it up another notch. The synth just propels the track forward each time it comes in, one of the best DJ tools I’ve come across recently.


Be sure to pop down to the White Hart on May 26th for a dance!

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/349365595468457/

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