Presha made a fantastic debut to the London club scene earlier this month on October 19th at Bar-A-Bar in Stoke Newington. Having had great success throwing parties in Guildford for the last few years, expanding into London was a great next step.



Starting things off was Presha records resident and label boss 95Bones, playing 10 – 12. He warmed things up brilliantly, taking the crowd through his diverse record collection that he has collected over the years. He jumped between house, techno and soulful tunes with ease throughout his set, personifying what Presha Records is all about.


Ian DPM (Definite Party Material)

Ian DPM (Definite Party Material) then came on around midnight mark, and truly showed off his talent. He backed up his reputation as a DJ as he skipped between tunes with ease; and there are a host of tracks that still need identifying from the night. Ian DPM truly showed what he was all about in a fantastic capital debut as well, and the night finished off with a brilliant back to back between himself and 95Bones.

A truly fantastic start to Presha Records in the capital.

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