You could be forgiven for thinking that the end of summer means the end of festival season. Thankfully that is not the case, with Manchester’s Homoelectric queer-party crew putting on their first festival, Homobloc. It will take place on the 9th November at Depot, Mayfield; a new 10,000 capacity in Manchester.

With two decades of party experience behind them, it is easy to see why Homobloc looks to be shaping up so well. The venue is within a stone’s throw of Manchester’s Piccadilly Station, boasts an incredible line-up including a couple of our Glastonbury highlights in Larry Heard and Prosumer, as well as the likes of Jayda G, Meat Free founders, Blasha & Allatt, and Block9’s, Gideon.

The announcement of Homoelectric’s first festival should have your ears pricked – and is one we are extremely excited to be going to! 

We were lucky enough to get a few questions in with some of the homobloc crew too

Can you give us some insight into the thought process in making the move to your first festival after 2 decades of parties?

There is never a plan . Its not some marketing strategy. Things happen slow and then they just happen . About 10 years ago we were running a festival in Croatia at Electric Elephant and thought we need to unite the clans and do a queer party for all. Literally that was it. Homelectric was the perfect way to do this.

Its an amazing line-up, what was the process in curating such a varied lineup, and how can we expect this to be translated across the 4 stages?

It was very straight forward. Its simply a reflection of Homoelectric, our four roomed party joined the dots between boogie, disco, loft, afro ,us garage , deep house, house, techno and sonic futurism. We don’t do one dimensional tech house nights with the same tempo all night so each room has a different feel. Plus we are showcasing all our heroes in different rooms so its about balance and eclecticism.

Why choose Depot as a venue?  

Its a holy grail venue . A Game changer place. When I saw it I was in total awe. Honestly never seen a venue like it. ever. It was raw and dirty and proper, and bizarrely it was completely derelict. We had to do something there before it becomes a new development.

Thanks guys!

Take a listen to some mixes to get you in the mood:

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