A Review: Frank’s 2016

Release: Skee Mask - Shred 08 (Illian Tape) Arguably the best album of 2016, Skee Mask’s “Shred” exemplified the anonymous producer’s ability to fuse heavy clubbier beats with more ambient styles. From this album, “Shred 08” has to be the pick of the bunch. Intrepid breaks form the backbone of the track, while vast shearing…Read more A Review: Frank’s 2016

A Review: Ben’s 2016

Release: Tessela - Up Up is a track that I heard kind of sporadically throughout the summer in 2016, with the likes of Ben UFO and Jackmaster both dropping it throughout June and July. There’s something about many Tessela tunes that gets my heart pumping, his beats have this inherent rolling sound that make the…Read more A Review: Ben’s 2016

A Review: Gavin’s 2016

Release: Etapp Kyle - Ahora [Ost Gut Ton] Looking back over a whole year, it’s difficult to select a favourite release. I’m normally most excited by recent finds, and few tracks have enough staying power to stick with me. Etapp Kyle’s Ahora is an exception to this. I first heard it dropped by Function in…Read more A Review: Gavin’s 2016

A Review: Tom Allman’s 2016

Release: Laksa - Contrasts (Timedance) Laksa’s release Contrasts, on the Timedance label has made it to my pick as one of the best tunes to come out this year. The wall banging kicks and scratchy percussion set it off nicely, and the tune really starts getting into itself just after 1 minute 30 when the…Read more A Review: Tom Allman’s 2016

A Review: Kish’s 2016

Release: Doppelate - Bobo's Garden Based upon the number of views of the official video on Youtube (1,350 views as of 31st December), Bobo’s Garden has slipped under the radar in the sphere of electronic music this year. Perhaps this is partly to do with the “non-danceable” nature of the track. However, popularity is not always…Read more A Review: Kish’s 2016

A Review: Jambo’s 2016

Release: Pangaea - One by One Another Hessle Audio release, another instant classic. In my opinion any track off of Pangaea's debut album would be worthy of track of the year. One by One, my choice, meshes a beautiful sample, with harsh cascading drums, dark minor chords played by a very annoyed violin, and a…Read more A Review: Jambo’s 2016