A Review: Percolate Open Air

[Above image credit: Michael Njunge and Gemma Bell - Here & Now] London is a city with an ever-changing and pioneering dance scene. While cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam boast many well respected and protected clubs, London clubs face a constant fight against closure and gentrification. While this could be viewed negatively, it has also…Read more A Review: Percolate Open Air

A Review: Don’t Be Afraid @Bloc

Over the past few months Mantissa have attended nights leaning towards the lighter end of the spectrum. A strange fact for a collective who's interest in the scene was sparked by the likes of Hessle Audio, Livity Sound and Swamp 81 (Boddika days). The need to return to this heavier and unpredictable sound led to…Read more A Review: Don’t Be Afraid @Bloc

A Review: Move D, Fred P and Pender Street Steppers @ Oval Space

Very few nights gain the immediate approval of the group. Schedule and taste are often an issue, however, when this night was released the decision was unanimous. A lineup of true diggers and selectors, who are able to keep the crowd on their toes all night long through their eclectic selections. The night began with…Read more A Review: Move D, Fred P and Pender Street Steppers @ Oval Space

A Review: Max’s 2016

Release: Bruce - I'm Alright Mate (Timedance) 2016 has been a productive year for Bristol-based label Timedance. Perhaps their strongest release courtesy of Bruce with his exemplary I’m Alright Mate EP. The title track from the EP is an incredibly satisfying journey through broken techno and is my Track of the Year. At first listen…Read more A Review: Max’s 2016

A Review: Frank’s 2016

Release: Skee Mask - Shred 08 (Illian Tape) Arguably the best album of 2016, Skee Mask’s “Shred” exemplified the anonymous producer’s ability to fuse heavy clubbier beats with more ambient styles. From this album, “Shred 08” has to be the pick of the bunch. Intrepid breaks form the backbone of the track, while vast shearing…Read more A Review: Frank’s 2016

A Review: Ben’s 2016

Release: Tessela - Up Up is a track that I heard kind of sporadically throughout the summer in 2016, with the likes of Ben UFO and Jackmaster both dropping it throughout June and July. There’s something about many Tessela tunes that gets my heart pumping, his beats have this inherent rolling sound that make the…Read more A Review: Ben’s 2016

A Review: Gavin’s 2016

Release: Etapp Kyle - Ahora [Ost Gut Ton] Looking back over a whole year, it’s difficult to select a favourite release. I’m normally most excited by recent finds, and few tracks have enough staying power to stick with me. Etapp Kyle’s Ahora is an exception to this. I first heard it dropped by Function in…Read more A Review: Gavin’s 2016