A Review: Kish Muman’s 2017

Album review: Moonchild – Voyager Mo0nchild’s third album Voyager has attributes of a modern classic. Thoughtful composition, flowing narrative and most importantly the ability to play on many emotions. It is just over 45 minutes of positive feeling goodness which is drenched in soul, glazed with Jazz and hints of R’n’B.  As soon as the…Read more A Review: Kish Muman’s 2017

A Review: Jambo’s 2017

[Above image credit: Pitchfork] Night of the Year: Karen Gwyer @ DBA presents DJ Bone, Batu, rRoxymore, MGUN, Karen Gwyer (Live), Semtek Don't Be Afraid is a label that has been firing on all fronts in 2017. Releases from Karen Gwyer, TR One and rRoxymore rank amongst the year's best, while they have hosted some…Read more A Review: Jambo’s 2017

Tune of the Week: Actress – Credit Da Edit

[Above image credit: Hyponik] Actress needs no introduction. As a producer he is constantly redefining electronic music genres and their boundaries. With Credit Da Edit, he takes glitchy IDM and gives it a healthy dose of that laid back West Coast hip-hop feel. Hazy heaviness opens the track, with warm and colourful synths whirling over…Read more Tune of the Week: Actress – Credit Da Edit

A Review: Percolate Open Air

[Above image credit: Michael Njunge and Gemma Bell - Here & Now] London is a city with an ever-changing and pioneering dance scene. While cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam boast many well respected and protected clubs, London clubs face a constant fight against closure and gentrification. While this could be viewed negatively, it has also…Read more A Review: Percolate Open Air

Tune of the Week: Skee Mask – Panorama

One of the last tracks on Skee Mask’s Shred EP, Panorama is a wonderful breakbeat track which is both full of intense rhythmic manoeuvres and beautiful ambience. The track begins with quietly with some off-beat percussion before the overarching ambient melody of the track begins - a simple yet constantly changing meandering synth which gives…Read more Tune of the Week: Skee Mask – Panorama

Mixes to Dig: San Proper @Dekmantel São Paulo

[Above image credit: 45rpm.ch] Boiler Room is undoubtedly responsible for increasing the accessibility and popularity of underground music over the past few years. Producing many amazing sets from renowned, and lesser-known acts, while introducing many great characters at the same (shouts to towel guy). In recent years many of their highlights have come from their…Read more Mixes to Dig: San Proper @Dekmantel São Paulo

Mixes to Dig: Jon Rust w/ DJ Slyngshot

[Above image credit: Stamp the Wax] When attempting to convince several members of Mantissa to listen to this mix, I was only able to describe it as "seriously sick". As described in greater detail later on, it is rare that a mix is able to keep a listener as engaged, and with a smile on…Read more Mixes to Dig: Jon Rust w/ DJ Slyngshot