A Review: Dekmantel Selectors 2017

[Above image credit: Kasia Zacharko] Deciding between the plethora of summer festivals on offer is often an arduous task. However, the selectors festival stood out to the Mantissa crew due to its size, secluded feel and the guarantee of beautiful Croatian summer sunshine. On top of this, a festival run by Dekmantel also guarantees organisation and…Read more A Review: Dekmantel Selectors 2017

Mixes to Dig: Jon K @ Dimensions Festival 2015 (Stamp Mix #60)

[Above image credit: Field] The term selector in DJing terms is becoming increasingly ambiguous and subjective, with every person you ask likely to give a different answer. In my opinion, few merit association with this term more than Jon K; a DJ who combines a wealth of music knowledge with mixing technique, in order to…Read more Mixes to Dig: Jon K @ Dimensions Festival 2015 (Stamp Mix #60)

A Review: Frank’s 2016

Release: Skee Mask - Shred 08 (Illian Tape) Arguably the best album of 2016, Skee Mask’s “Shred” exemplified the anonymous producer’s ability to fuse heavy clubbier beats with more ambient styles. From this album, “Shred 08” has to be the pick of the bunch. Intrepid breaks form the backbone of the track, while vast shearing…Read more A Review: Frank’s 2016