Tune of the Week: Sunstreet – Lovin’

I first heard this song in the middle of Tom of Brooklyn's (formerly Tom of Finland) edition of the Deep&Disco / Razor-N-Tape Podcast, which if you haven't heard of before be sure to check out. In what was already turning out to be one of the most influential mixes for me released that summer, the…Read more Tune of the Week: Sunstreet – Lovin’

Interview: Idit Frenkel

To mark number 50 in the mix series, James from Mantissa sat down with Idit Frenkel to get a sneak peak into the mind of this illustrious Israeli DJ. We cover her influences from start to finish, as well as touching on some of her favourite producers, DJ's and club nights in and around her patch, Tel Aviv. Idit Frenkel's…Read more Interview: Idit Frenkel