A Review: Dekmantel Selectors 2017

[Above image credit: Kasia Zacharko] Deciding between the plethora of summer festivals on offer is often an arduous task. However, the selectors festival stood out to the Mantissa crew due to its size, secluded feel and the guarantee of beautiful Croatian summer sunshine. On top of this, a festival run by Dekmantel also guarantees organisation and…Read more A Review: Dekmantel Selectors 2017

A Review: Percolate Open Air

[Above image credit: Michael Njunge and Gemma Bell - Here & Now] London is a city with an ever-changing and pioneering dance scene. While cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam boast many well respected and protected clubs, London clubs face a constant fight against closure and gentrification. While this could be viewed negatively, it has also…Read more A Review: Percolate Open Air

An Interview: Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel Szatan is man you might need an introduction to, even if you probably know the engines he helps fuel: one of the core team booking and hosting shows worldwide at none other than Boiler Room; an esteemed music journalist writing reviews and features for the likes of Red Bull Music Academy, Pitchfork, Boiler Room’s…Read more An Interview: Gabriel Szatan

A Review: Don’t Be Afraid @Bloc

Over the past few months Mantissa have attended nights leaning towards the lighter end of the spectrum. A strange fact for a collective who's interest in the scene was sparked by the likes of Hessle Audio, Livity Sound and Swamp 81 (Boddika days). The need to return to this heavier and unpredictable sound led to…Read more A Review: Don’t Be Afraid @Bloc

Interview: Simple Symmetry

[Above image credit: Simple Symmetry] In another effort to deliver you with great music, Mantissa sat down with Moscow based Simple Symmetry to talk about their influences, latest EP and what to expect from these guys in the future. Sasha and Sergey, aka Simple Symmetry have been laying down some awesome tracks under Disco Halal, have a listen…Read more Interview: Simple Symmetry

Interview: Hackney Rhythm

Among the people helping maintain and boost Mantissa's presence behind the scenes are Hackney Rhythm. A promotional team made up of Maxime Langois and Troy Hewson, helping bring attention to low-key events, that may have otherwise slipped under the radar. It was by chance, while purchasing Troy's Tascam DR-40 off of Gumtree that I came…Read more Interview: Hackney Rhythm

A Preview: Percolate Open Air @ Three Mills Island, London, 29th July 2017

[Above image credit: DJ Mag] While many bemoan the increasingly bleak outlook of London clubbing (debatably), one thing that can't be argued is the host of talented promoters putting on nights across the country. Among these are Percolate, a group of promoters, putting together lineups full of exciting and diverse DJs. A recent example includes…Read more A Preview: Percolate Open Air @ Three Mills Island, London, 29th July 2017