A Review: Nachtdigital Flex

It is rare for a festival as renowned as Nachtdigital to remain such an enigma in the age of social media. Many large festivals share every detail online for months in the lead up to the date, leaving little to the imagination. Nachtdigital on the other hand gave little away on their website, Facebook event,…Read more A Review: Nachtdigital Flex

A Review: Berlin – ://about blank & Hoppetosse

[Above image credit: Mapsland] Upon leaving work, Berlin was described to myself as both "debauched" and "hedonistic". Neither term resonated at the time, however following the trip of several of the Mantissa crew to Berlin for a four day trip it is extremely clear just what my colleagues meant. Unlike many Europe cities it takes…Read more A Review: Berlin – ://about blank & Hoppetosse

Tune of the Week: Nils Frahm – Sunson

[above image credit: Nils Frahm] When it comes to making music, Nils Frahm does not play by the rules. Each of his releases (spanning a career of over a decade since his first release) showcases a unique style and a different approach. Whether this is by self-modifying his piano for his 2011 LP 'Felt' (for…Read more Tune of the Week: Nils Frahm – Sunson

Mixes To Dig: Truancy Volume 196 – Call Super

[Above image credit: Resident Advisor] There are few DJs that can consistently promise quality. Whether it be in mix form or in the club, the listener is guaranteed a treat from Call Super AKA Elmo Crumb AKA Ondo Fudd AKA Joe Seaton. Volumes of the Truants series have taken over on Mixes To Dig in…Read more Mixes To Dig: Truancy Volume 196 – Call Super

Mixes to Dig: Shanti Celeste & Gramrcy 2nd December 2016 NTS Radio

[Above image credit: Mixmag] This week’s mix of the week is brought to you from two very talented DJ’s and Housework residents Shanti Celeste and Gramrcy, and Shanti’s show on NTS radio, recorded towards the tail end of Christmas last year. Recorded from Shanti’s living room in Berlin (as she states early on in the show),…Read more Mixes to Dig: Shanti Celeste & Gramrcy 2nd December 2016 NTS Radio

An Interview: Natalia Augustyniak (aka Eksish)

Natalia Augustyniak, aka Eksish, is an emerging Bristol based artist who has caught our eye here at Mantissa due to her musical taste and style when DJing. She is an emerging talent in the techno scene and we at Mantissa were lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with the Bristol based DJ.…Read more An Interview: Natalia Augustyniak (aka Eksish)